Knitting with Serenity Loom

November 28, 2010 - 5:31 pm 18 Comments

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This is a very basic and quick explanation on how to use a Serenity Loom by Simply & Serene Looming which I got at Hobby Lobby for 29.95 minus 40% from a coupon online which they accepted by me just showing it to them on my Iphone. This is only my second time ever knitting. The other piece you see in this video I did on a circle loom. This loom is great for beginners but when looking at the instructions that come with it and the loom can be overwhelming. I checked out a few videos of how to use a circle loom before using this one to get the general idea of what I should be doing. Note when I reverse direction of the wrap I forgot to mention you need to push down all your threads on the pegs first and keep the second wraps towards the top. There are also a few other little tips and hints you will need to know if you are a beginner. I suggest looking at this video for those… He also has many other videos that will be very useful aswell. *note* 75 pegs is giving me around 32 inch wide blanket…. Most Important things is DO NOT SKIP A PEG and DO NOT WRAP TO TIGHT! Happy Knitting! PS this is my first ever video on anything so please be kind!
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18 Responses to “Knitting with Serenity Loom”

  1. denco1951 Says:

    thank you our local walmart doesn’t have and we have no hobby lobby.
    it seems to have disapeared offline too.

  2. stilldawnfae Says:

    @denco1951 Walmart or Hobby Lobby

  3. denco1951 Says:

    Where do I purchase this loom.

  4. teresa1909 Says:

    Gracias, aunque no hablo ingles, entendi la idea, hojala saques mas.

  5. d1scarded Says:

    Awesome. I’ve the Long loom set and only done two scarfs working on the same stitch pattern to get it down before I attempt more advanced but I’m already buring up the net looking,learning and looking into more progressive looms. LOL I’m addicted bad

  6. stilldawnfae Says:

    I am going to try and record one of the other stitches that I use soon so check back with me. Thank you for the comment!

  7. d1scarded Says:

    This was great to find. I’m not or never have been a yarn crafter. I’m addicted after just one project with a craft store long loom and already looking into more looms. Still very confused on wraps and stitchs..yarn choice also. What would you suggest. Thanks again please keep up the helpful work

  8. stilldawnfae Says:

    check out the other video I have on this

  9. stilldawnfae Says:


  10. Bethintx1 Says:

    Thanks! I just purchased the Serenity loom, and could not find patterns or instructions on line.

  11. stilldawnfae Says:

    Well try and post your experiences with it if you can. I would like to see what you do.

  12. micaiahty Says:

    i have the round and square looms, im going to hobby lobby tomorrow for this one. I love the fact that your dont have to sew panels together. Your blanket is beautiful. Great job.. i think this the the type of loom ive been looking for.

  13. montrealstars60 Says:

    AMAZING… thanks for showing us the serenity loom, just wish I had one! I can’t even find a regular knitting loom in Italy

  14. stilldawnfae Says:

    yeah I usually will support any of the pegs with a finger if I notice I have wrapped to tightly so that they will not break off.

  15. gritessa2009 Says:

    blocking just means flattening out curly edges. I was making a blanket using all the pegs and it naturally followed the curves of the loom. I never finished it as a peg broke off in the middle and I couldnt get it to stay on w/any kind of glue I tried.

    when I try again, I wont use all the pegs and will avoid that broken one.

    I am glad to see a video on the Serenity-thankyou!

  16. stilldawnfae Says:

    I am new to knitting but I dont know what you mean by blocking. I have not had anything curl up, maybe its the difference in yarn? Mine laid out very nicely outside of the fact that I casted off using the wrong method for a baby blanket as it was my first attempt at a flat piece.

  17. gritessa2009 Says:

    how did you block your piece? I love this loom but it curls up so much.

  18. 27spam Says:

    Thank you for the video. At last someone has shown a Serenity Loom in operation.

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